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Going on the Radio

I consider myself a veteran of radio at this point. I have done drive time spots, “phonies,” in-studio meanderings, and pre-recorded, “make me sound good in post” interviews as well (that one was with KAXE in northern Minnesota…it was awesome and you can listen here).

But Thursday I was on KFAI’s “Write On Radio!” started by J. Otis Powell! back in the day, and I was sweaty nervous. It didn’t help that I was to be on the show with one of my favorite writers, period, Charles Baxter. it also didn’t help that Jim Lenfestey read some of Bill Holm’s poems and sounded so much like the late poet that I started to tear up. Finally, it didn’t help that the damn literary calendar was CRAMMED with literary events such that it ate into my segment. Thanks ever so much for making the calendar rock, Rain Taxi. And to think I gave you 25 bucks. (BTW, the calendar is awesome and you can check it out here.)

Luckily, like any writer, when you ask me about my work, I can go and go. Steve McEllistrem, who said he normally does sci-fi and fantasy books, so thoroughly understood what my book was doing that it was like talking with myself. I loved every minute of it. And as Andrea and my mom both commented, I didn’t even say um or ah. AND I managed to make an unabashed pitch for agents to come snap me up. BTW, “unabashed” is the only way to pitch something.

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