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That's me with the bazer.

That's me in the blazer.

I’ve done several book clubs now, and each has been such a great experience, it’s time I did a post about them. Most recetnly was a group of Grinnell alum (and a couple special non-Grinnellians), most of whom i didn’t know that well. They were celebrating their club’s (wait for it) 100th book. That’s right, they have read 100 books as a group. Which is more than ysome of you reading have probably read since college.

Not only do they read that many books, with kids and jobs and the whole deal also on their plates, but they also make dinner inspired by the book, they keep meticulous notes on their get-togethers, and they vote each book thumbs up or thumbs down (not finishing the book is not an option). And with all these rules, they still manage to laugh…a lot.

So kudos to them, and kudos to books in general. I thought reading serious books was supposed to be passe? Apparently not. I was so glad to see my “core demographic” is alive and well (and cute).

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