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Helen Mirren Too?

So Helen Mirren is playing an ex-CIA agent or some bullshit. Whatever: She kills people. Just like George Clooney and other big actors who have played agents, hit people, etc.

I am sick and fucking tired of seeing new movies premiering about people who kill people. Why as a culture would we want to casual entertainment about murder?

Here’s why: We are a violent country. Almost beyond hope, I think. Just try getting a new cell phone out of its packaging…. In a world where Tilda Swinton and Ewan MacGregor getting it on ranks as NC17 but anyone can see people getting shot in the head on TV or even the network news, now we’ve lost Helen Mirren to the dark side. Sigh.

And don’t fucking say “but what about Pulp Fiction…didn’t you love Pulp Fiction?!?!?” No, I didn’t love Pulp Fiction. Okay, a one or two scenes.

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