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Crazy Led Zeppelin Guy

Crazy Led Zeppelin Guy from scott muskin on Vimeo.

So all summer long we have been woken up late at night by a guy driving down our street playing ridiculously loud music. But he doesn’t just do it once…he does it like four or five times in one night. We’re talking like 3 or 4 on the morning too–he makes a big loop out of it, apparently. It’s happened so often, I have been able to identify the music: Houses of the Holy, Physical Graffiti, or sometimes Led Zeppelin IV.

Better than gangsta rap, but still. Shit is getting ridiculous.

The other night I got up determined to do something. I wanted to get his license plate and call the cops. So I filmed him. Turns out the ability of a crappy DV cam to get a license plate in pitch dark is suspect, but I did get him on tape. And it got me thinking.

First, in the video, note how he stops a long time at our corner–there is no stop sign there for him. at first I thought this was just him being assy, but notice how he uses his turn signal too. He’s not being assy; he’s being careful.

I have actually tried to get his license several times just by running out the back alley and trying to get a good look at him. It’s a four door sedan, like a Mazda or something, and he’s a youngish white guy.

It’s a mystery why he does what he does; I suspect he’s got a little mental illness and this helps him keep his issues in check. But the more interesting thing to me is that I kinda need to have Crazy Led Zeppelin Guy in my life. He gives me something to grouse about, and something to be thankful against when I’m playing with my kid and enjoying my pretty great life: “Thank god I don’t feel the need to go out and drive the same twenty block loop over and over listening to Led Zeppelin.” Cuz really, that would suck.


  1. james vculek 11.27.10    1:48 pm

    he’s delivering papers. guy in my neighborhood does the same thing.

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