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Words That Should Exist: Temptuous

So we were at dinner Saturday night (the fabulous Tilia…thank you Steven Brown!) and our server described the pasta as “temptuous.” Which isn’t a word, I knew right away. She was conflating “tempting” and “sumptuous.”

BUT, I got to thinking: This is how language evolves, which is a good thing. AND, this is a word that should totally exist. Especially in our hedonistic culture: We need more words that we can use to describe good things, tempting things, “worth it” things. Why? Because there’s so much information available to us these days, and so many experiences, especially when you include the interwebs, that we need editorial words that help us navigate it all. We need words people can use to get enthusiastic about life.

“Temptuous” certainly fits that bill. Let’s get it into our lexicon.

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