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Helen Mirren Too?

So Helen Mirren is playing an ex-CIA agent or some bullshit. Whatever: She kills people. Just like George Clooney and other big actors who have played agents, hit people, etc.

I am sick and fucking tired of seeing new movies premiering about people who kill people. Why as a culture would we want to casual entertainment about murder?

Here’s why: We are a violent country. Almost beyond hope, I think. Just try getting a new cell phone out of its packaging…. In a world where Tilda Swinton and Ewan MacGregor getting it on ranks as NC17 but anyone can see people getting shot in the head on TV or even the network news, now we’ve lost Helen Mirren to the dark side. Sigh.

And don’t fucking say “but what about Pulp Fiction…didn’t you love Pulp Fiction?!?!?” No, I didn’t love Pulp Fiction. Okay, a one or two scenes.

Rapper’s Delight

Okay I am sick of blogging and thinking about my book. From now on I am going to blog about cool shit. And stuff I’ve been thinking about. And kitties. Okay and maybe some about my book. But still.

First up: Fun infographic design! Gotta love when somebody can both inform you and make you feel at ease. Especially when you can learn the relationship between Dr. Dre and Professor Griff. The good folks at World Famous Design Junkies also have a beer name infographic. And if you like these and like words, go nuts with the Visual Thesaurus (requires paying for it eventually).

Rap Names infographic

yes, it's as fun as it looks

yes, it's as fun as it looks

via Metafilter, of course.

My Apearance on Almanac

I had a blast being on TPT’s Almanac with Cathy Wurzer. It was live TV, so even doubly thrilling. Cathy’s incredible at managing the process of getting that show down, btw. She made it look easy, and they seem to have a lot of fun on set.

Minnesota Book Awards

I am so thrilled to be a finalist for a Minnesota Book Award this year, I did a video all about the exquisite pain of waiting for the awards gala to arrive. Enjoy!

How to Find My Novel: MN Book Awards from scott muskin on Vimeo.

How to Find My Novel: MN Book Awards from scott muskin on Vimeo.


That's me with the bazer.

That's me in the blazer.

I’ve done several book clubs now, and each has been such a great experience, it’s time I did a post about them. Most recetnly was a group of Grinnell alum (and a couple special non-Grinnellians), most of whom i didn’t know that well. They were celebrating their club’s (wait for it) 100th book. That’s right, they have read 100 books as a group. Which is more than ysome of you reading have probably read since college.

Not only do they read that many books, with kids and jobs and the whole deal also on their plates, but they also make dinner inspired by the book, they keep meticulous notes on their get-togethers, and they vote each book thumbs up or thumbs down (not finishing the book is not an option). And with all these rules, they still manage to laugh…a lot.

So kudos to them, and kudos to books in general. I thought reading serious books was supposed to be passe? Apparently not. I was so glad to see my “core demographic” is alive and well (and cute).